Tuesday, October 30, 2012

As Plants and Corner Stones

We hauled heavy loads of garden produce from the garden to the house in the garden wagon.  Pushing and pulling load after load of potatoes, and squash.  A tremendously bountiful year!  Lots of warm dry weather gave us time to finish the harvest without lots of mud.  As I passed through the laundry room, now full of huge banana squash, mini pumpkins, sweet meats and butternut. I recalled the verse in Psalms “that our garners may be full”.  The next morning in my quiet time, I looked up the passage recalling how over the years I prayed for our daughters  especially claiming verses 11-15  from Psalm 144.

“Rid me and deliver me from the hand of strange children,

whose mouth speaketh vanity,
and their right hand is a right hand of falsehood;
 That our sons may be as plants grown up in their youth;
 that our daughters may be as corner stones, polished after the
similitude of a palace:
 That our garners may be full, affording all manner of store:
 that our sheep may bring forth thousands and ten thousands in our

 that our oxen may be strong to labour;
 that there be no breaking in, nor going out;
that there be no complaining in our streets.
Happy is that people, that is in such a case: yea,
 happy is that people, whose God is the Lord.” Psalms 144:11-15
While refreshing my memory of this passage, I again claimed protection for our daughters from wrong influences. Suddenly  I was overwhelmed with the realization of this psalm. In verse one, David says the “Lord is my strength” and that “he teaches my hands to war, and my fingers to fight:” The Lord is “My goodness, and my fortress; my high tower, and my deliverer; who subdueth my people under me.” Many times in reading this Psalm I had not been able to see a particular connection between the first and last half of the Psalm. But, as I read it again, the profound realization began to sink in. When the psalmist prays to be rid of the hand of strange children (their speaking vanity and falsehood) he then outlines how to accomplish it.   In order “that our sons to be as plants grown up in their youth, and our daughters to be polished after the similitude of a palace:” a teaching their hands to war, their fingers to fight, their hearts to trust in the Lord, must happen.  What He describes next is the fruit of practical education.  Keeping those hands and fingers busy filling the garners, tending the sheep and oxen. Parents teaching  right alongside the children as they learn; all working with their hands.  Suddenly I could see the page no longer, as the tears began to flow freely.  It overwhelmed on me! This is just what the Lord has been accomplishing in our lives, through the hands on duties of life; in the garden, in the house, filling the pantry and cellar, stacking wood, doing dishes and laundry…  Daily teaching us this “fight” that would rid our children of wrong influences; rid them of slack, idle habits that lead to vanity and falsehood. Instead they would have time only for the wholesome, the useful, the true.  The maturing, growing, polishing happens with busy hands, large ones and small ones working together. The result?
                                “Happy is that people, that is in such a case: yea,

                                    happy is that people, who’s God is the Lord.”  

  Totally overwhelmed, tears flowing freely now, I saw that  through the years the Lord had been answering my prayer. That he had been working, teaching us this way all along. That He had taught us to apply this practical education. Now the garners were full!  We are happy. This method of education resulted in answering my prayer! His method of fighting wrong influences is found in trusting His plan of education.
                                    Happy is the people, whose God is the Lord!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Smoke drifting in...

It's very smoky today.  We keep looking at the sky and thinking of those in  central part of the state... and it's reaching us here too. Sun is red, can’t see the valley and every thing is hazy, but it's probably better than what our friends are experiencing.
We have been doing peaches and pears. Some for friends with small children, some for my hubby's  folks, and us.  After the girls came back from YFJ  they really wanted to do more ‘outreach’ projects so have been looking for ways to incorporate that, even if it’s for the “household of faith”.  So nice to have such capable hands around! They have always helped with the canning but now they have done most of the peaches and pears themselves, while I’ve been busy with little details, picking beans, baking and running errands. 
 Speaking of baking: I’m excited!  I got a dutch oven for my birthday (thanks bro and wife!) and have been making an artisan bread that we used to buy in Beave*ton, but couldn’t quite get it to come out the same at home.  It’s crusty top, plenty of holes, and chewy!  So tickled. 

Our beans have been doing well and are finally getting some good pickings.  Plenty of berries still coming too.  We have sold quite a few boxes and have been applying some of the funds toward a felt project for Alaska.  A student pastor from our  church and his wife (who are now in Alaska and in their 50’s) needed felts for their little church in Savo*nga. Our Sabbath school class reached our goal in a few weeks. As we were doing canning and listening to Gr*ndma W*llace we were so excited to learn that the Yuki story happened where our friends are pastoring.

Need to go pick more beans  before they grow bigger....again!  Our tomatoes are finally getting ready, about 1/3 of them are ripe now. We tend to have a warm late fall.  We have loads of squash this year- very large banana squash.! Could have entered some in the fair for their size.  There was little displayed of significant size this year.  We’ll the Lord must know we'll be needing them.

Monday, September 10, 2012

" Lord, we are...

in this world. We do these terrible defections against your law and your kingdom. Yet you simply require repentance! and willingness to recieive your own perfect righteousness. Which you give to us in your own clean pure life, and create the transformation in ours.  Amazing! Profound! and Incomparable Exchange!"

Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Bushel and a Peck and……

Camera in hand!

Yep! we have one camera left at home. We share this one, but the other share-holder seems to use it the most often. Hmmmm....... now I can take pictues too and share what is happening here.

July is definately berry season here. We have been busy picking, jam-ing, freezing and picking somemore!

Our own raspberries! So many of them coming on! My husband says please don't sell them- please! No doubt, raspberry jam IS his favorite!

This year may be the first year since we moved that we likely won't be U-picking blueberries. Sort of sad but on the other hand, we got about 25# off our first picking! Probably picked about 1/3 of what is still coming!

My novel funnel -a flex cutting mat with a little scotch tape to keep it in place.
Works great!

A neighbor called last evening wondering how busy I was, "Hmmm" I thought maybe she had another "project" in mind for us...... Well turned out she had gotten free apricots and was done with her share. So gave us about '20' lbs well more like 30+. This is the kind of neighbor that is hard to get to know, but the Lord has given us some "ins" with her in a unique sort of way and besides she loves our strawberries too.

Pack it away for winter! When the cough and colds come, we are thankful for yarrow tea. It really helped for Heidi's cough a week or so ago.....

Mullen too for respiratory. Throw in a pine bough end an wow it clears up those coughs! Amazing! This mullen is a bit sparce. Usually it is very tall and abundant. But I had to pray the Lord would help me find some!

One beautiful lavendar bush!

The pruning process.... is one of those things in which I dare not consult my feelings.... because it's so ruthless. It just has to be done! Now it's one thing to pinch out those tiny little shoots but today? well I just grit my teeth and starts cutting out suckers. It's hard to watch when the plants are already so big.... They needed this a week ago. They are so full looking.......until.......

.......they just look like stocks. BUT it works so well! Especially in our area where they don't get an abundance of heat. Amazing though, how much fruit they put out. Almost thought this would be a year without tomatoes as we didn't start any....We just had such a full spring otherwise.... But thanks to a friend, who started lots, we have some this year . The plants are healthy and doing well!

Tomatoes are one of those die hard things I do every year. It's almost redundant. Sometimes I ask why? we don't have the earliest harvest here.... They have to ripen in the house- often in November....Who wants to can tomatoes in November. Well... we use plenty of them ......but it just wouldn't be the same without tomatoes! or the lessons shouting from their silent stalks, I prune, tie and arrange them in their growing process, the lessons whisper to me every year......

This arrangements always looks so neat. 100 ft row of string for beans. Now they can climb! This year Ron lowered the top wire. It had been about 8+ ft and was a pain to string and pick that high. Why didn't we do that years ago! Such a breeze to string today and will bemuch easier to pick too. It
took about 45 minutes to put in place. Ususaly it takes a couple hours, two people and an 8 ft ladder!

Like a threaded loom, it adds a vertical dimention to our garden-scape. Works great to shelter some crops.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Wiped Out.....

Looking back on last week. I was rather wiped out  after weeks of preparation and a long few hours sleep before the airport trip. On Monday I was so tired, just didn’t try any heroics. Heidi was still recovering from her week long illness. Cough/fever just slept so much. Ron from his night shift/ drive to Spokane. Didn’t help me get back on track with all the house hold stuff, to spend Tuesday in town! Heidi has this neat O, or amazing aparatus in her mouth to rotate a tooth. Fill in Orthodontist came up with it as a solution. He was anxious to see how it has worked. Adjusted it and hope for more movement this fortnight. Lots of errands, shopping. AND SO HOT. TEXAS in the NW!
On the way home the van got vapor lock. So we had to sit for a ½ hour to let it cool off. Had forgoten to turn the AC off earlier. We were so tired and hungry. Ron and his sister came to get us, we transferred the groceries to her van, and Ron was able to drive our home thankfully my sister in law had made dinner at the folks so we ate with them. It is good to see Heidi’s appetite pick up again, she lost several pounds being sick. So by Wednesday was trying to regroup and get on with the laundry, dishes (in the sink from Sabbath- ha, rinsed of course) pick berries, process a few cherries, clean out the fridge! Where do I start. We’ll better go feed our pets and get something to eat.

It has been so hot in the evenings that we have enjoyed having some home made orange julius they are really good. My neices and nephew were thrilled.

Yes I some how finally got the dishes done that had been in the sink since Sabbath can you believe it. (Some people wonder if that happens at my house, well it's here for the record now- Ha!!)Wow just not used to one pair of hands around here!! Heidi was feeling some better but not really up to much until Friday.

Then of all things some how pulled some muscle in my hip! Can’t recall doing anything! (maybe from going to sleep on my knees and waking up with them ASLEEP.) Hurts to move my leg laterally for sure.

Friday was a very full day. Could hardly keep my perspective with all the trickle down from the week. Finally made it with most of the house clean, a dish for picnic Sabbath and the cherries, apricots done. The strawberries must wait in the fridge….with the artichokes!!!!

Nearly every evening we had gorgeous sunsets including Friday night welcoming the Sabbath with rain and lightning too.

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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Thunder in the Skies!

(posting a day late…)

It’s Sabbath. This morning after talking with the girls and getting on to chores, we saw a dark storm coming from the west.   With a few minutes to do chores before it hit.   Just as we were about to head outside, there was a couple strong lightning bolts in the valley.  Then the power went out. 

We got ready for church, had to conserve on water and no curling irons today!  Had more cherries, blue berries and raspberries also apricots and cold cereal, yum! “Oh could I have some toast please?” “ Well… not today honey.”…  Ron had to manually open the garage door.   So off we went. We had packed for a picnic with friends after church.  Except that Ron would have to be on at the hospital- a co-workers grandmother had passed away.   As we neared the end of the dirt road we got a voice message saying church was cancelled due to the power outage.  So we waited for him at the post office.  Picked up mail- we’re expecting something from the girls.  Then turned around and headed back home.  I was thankful to be able to go home and get some rest. This has been a taxing week for me.  Extra duties and then by Thursday something was hurting in my hip and getting more painful each day.  Hurts to move my leg at certain angles, lifting my leg especially Whew!!!!!  Probably a pulled muscle.  But can’t remember  ANYTHING I have done to strain it!  Can walk ok sometimes then  it practically goes out at other angles.  May be need an adjustment.

The girls are getting some late nights and long days.  Homesickness is setting in and Bethany particularly is very tired.  This has been a very full week and she benefits best from a little more sleep. Emily has had chores in the kitchen for 2 hrs before lunch  each day and is enjoying her job. Bethany has been on shower cleaning which she had gotten done in a few minutes, that has given her a little free time, a couple days she got a rest.  They were on their way to church when they called this morning and will be there all day and be involved in a church outreach this afternoon.  Singing in a nursing home and visitation with the pastor.   Much of what they are involved in there is so much like what they have already been doing at our home church.  A few new areas, and definitely on the spot too.  The classes they have in the morning are good and they are enjoying them too.

On Wednesday they are doing a special music at the church.  They decided to do one of our recently composed scripture songs as the evenings topic is on the Sabbath. The verse is from Ez. 20:12,20  It is beautiful. We would love to sing with them.

As for us, am writing and waiting to see if we will be doing the picnic today.  Looks like more storms could be coming in this afternoon, and am wondering I we should make a trip down for the afternoon.

Yesterday the west field got a mowing.  The grass  was so tall this year 5-6 ft…. And so were the thistles!!  5-6 ft  also trying to get to the light.  Perfect time to mow just before they flower.  We can see out now to the trail.  He left the north and south areas un-mowed yet.  But had to mow in the small  fenced pasture which also had plenty of thistles too.

The electricity is a back on.  Thankfully as we were out of water.  The rain was good for everything. If we keep having storms with lightening like this, as the wheat ripens and things get dryer, we could be in real trouble for this area!   Have been blessed the last couple years with no big fires as we had a few before that. Thankfully we still look out over green forest!

In our worship last night we read some more about the tidal wave movement that swept from village to village and city to city as the message in 1843-44 gained momentum.  Have been pondering the developments of that era, as our Sabbath lessons are studying that time. The Midnight cry  was altogether free of fanaticism and yet brought about a deep searching of heart. The time was right but as the disciples in Christ’s day, the time was right, but they anticipated the wrong event- which resulted in their great disappointment.  But God would have it that way, because it tested the hearts of those who were willing to follow his revealed truth even if they didn’t understand everything. 

For a couple months now I have been going through a study of the events connected with the time prophecy of the 2300 days and the calendar of the Hebrew festivals.  It has been amazing to realize that the Hebrew festivals (feasts) were the pre-determined schedule of key events in that time period.  Basically the Hebrew feasts predicted the exact time when Jesus would fulfill the  7 steps of the plan of Salvation by his death, burial , resurrection, ascension, high priestly work – Holy & Most Holy place work (2 apts), and 2nd coming.

Passover= death.  Unleavened bread= bural.   First fruits= resurrection/with saints.  Pentecost= ascession/inauguration.  Feast of Trumpets = prepare to meet they God, 1833-1844.  Feast of Day of Attonement= pre-advent judgement, Christ mediator.  Feast of Tabernacles= 2nd coming and trip to heaven, dwell in many rooms in New Jerusalem.  Amazing.  Revolutionary Study!  All fits together so precisely. We must follow the Lamb whethersoever he goeth!  Listening to this series has unfolded  to me in a whole new way the sequence of events in the sacrifice and work of Christ on our behalf!  Available here.

 Sabbath blessing to you all!

Monday, July 9, 2012

And Their Off……………..

 We were up at 2:30 yesterday to get the girls off to the airport (Bethany, Emily & Stefani).Our Caravan left at 3:40 am.  Got them checked in and thru security ok.  Really helpful people working there. Then stood on the parking level 5 to watch as the plane pulled into the sky. I was doing pretty well.   We had good-by  hugs without tears.  Had watched them go. But as the plane whisked passed us pulling up the landing gear the words from a familiar cradle roll song  whispered echos of the past into my ears.  “ Missionary …. Missionary…. Go your way,  Missionary, missionary, go your way..... help the little children who are far away……… missionary go your way.”  Then the teas began to come. Haven’t I been preparing for this day with every task, with every educational endeavor. Knowing that  there is a needy world out there. People to reach.   I turned to see Michelle who was commenting on them leaving. Then she saw my moist eyes.  That did it. We were both smitten  I had started it. I asked her if she remembered when we used to put them into the little cradle roll boat and sing that song. There are so many firsts in parenting!  You’re never fully prepared for any of them………..   It’s always a road of new beginnings. …………  This was a first time flying since they were babies.  First time away for a significant amount of time. What an adventure.  I know  they had angels with them. Glad they negotiated ok in SEA* T*E ok, and were very glad to hear they arrived safely in Tx!! 

 We’ll I’m virtually alone in the house this morning. My exhausted hubby is finally sleeping after an extensive day with a 6 hr trip to the airport and a 12hr night shift, including a co*de strong –wow he  still knows how to give a headlock! Angels  protected him though, as the guy was drunk and swingin’ at the nurses and threatening. Finally another fellow showed up and a big doc, 6”+ 250+ so they got the guy tied down. Not exactly an easy night!   Heidi is also sleeping after her exhausting bout with a bad cough this last week, and the early outing yesterday. Coughing still so much in the night.  Graci slept in the house as the garage was still so warm, even with her shorter summer coat.  Glad to see her leg is continuing to improve. She did a nice twist on some loose rocks a few weeks ago.  Using turmeric for nerve inflammation and also M*S*M which seems to be really helping

The house was so hot after the electricity went off due to a thunder storm that moved through very slowly last night. I had just taken some extra fans to my in-laws as their air/conditioning was broken. But when I pulled up at home I discovered the electric was off when the garage door didn’t open. We slept very warm last nite.  Would have opened the west windows wider but it was threatening to rain, which it finally did now this morning. Wondered if we would have enough water, as the sprinklers had been on and the tank could be nearly empty.    Went to shower this morning but after getting wet discovered the hot water heater had tripped (again) and so will wait.  It’s been giving us trouble. Ron drained it but perhaps there’s  too much buildup over the thermostat or heating rod.  At least it works with prompting and patience, and fortunately I woke up early enough to discover  it in time so the girls could have hot showers before their long trip. We left @ 3:45 am.

We got to talk with them this morning. They sound happy in their new adventure.  They arrived at their location about 7:45 last evening, after being picked up they went to the other airport to pick up others.   At the dorm the girls played a get to know you game. Moved in and are rooming together with Stefani Johanna and Dakota.  Stef is sleeping in another room until her cough is better- no one else needs to get that, it’s a bugger.  Poor girl she had the same thing as Heidi. (They must have gotten too wet and cool from the hike in the rain after Heidi’s Baptism last Sabbath. Of course the river water was about 48’ though sunny till the storm hit.)  Felt sorry for her traveling yesterday.  She needed a day to just sleep!  At least she wasn’t running a fever last night.  Hope none of the others get it….  They  had pancakes this morning with raspberries and strawberries but said our berries taste better!  (Well Tri-stars aren’t very big, but they are sure flavorful!!  Which we’ll need  picked again today or tomorrow. ) Things are going well and of course we miss the them. But I’m not feeling sorry for myself with them gone.  We have wanted for them to have a “mission” adventure for a long time.  Also the training for door to door and evangelism  are excellent opportunities to aid them in realizing humanities’ great need  of Jesus.  So I’m thankful that they can go.  Thankful for all the bread sold and odd jobs they got which helped  towards their trip.  They will undoubtedly value it more for the  time and effort they put into getting there.

This past couple months has been very full.  Prep for their trip.  Beth’s Graduation.  Heidi’s Baptism.  Garden to plant.  Etc…etc. We have had lots of sewing, mending, shopping and planning….  They each sewed  three new skirts, but had to shop for tops and shoes. I can’t boast that I taught my daughters to sew at an early age, as they were learning a lot of construction skills with our transition at that time. But the time spent  in the open air was worth a healthy constitution.  Now they were ready to take hold and do much of it themselves.  Heidi did piles of ironing. Good Job girls! I had a lot of mending to do which had piled up for a while, is so nice to have so many misc things done.  Special  thanks  Barbara  for showing us the fast way to do zippers!   Stitch up the seam, lay the zipper face down, tape it in place. Stitch it in place.  It saved many frustrating hours.  Am using blue masking tape, need something a little more adhesive, but not to sticky. Scotch tape is harder to get off especially if you stitch through it. ….. I feel a bit like my huge marathon is over- at least the deadline. Until we pack for our trip to the Rockies- hopefully there will be something left of them.

For Sabbath I made a large batch of Millet Pudding. We had fresh Rainier cherries,- am getting more tomorrow! mangos, raspberries and strawberries on it.  Took it for our breakfast yesterday too.   Also made a potato vegetable bake and despite my efforts  to be careful the veggies got over soft.  So………. Am planning to add a cheese sauce, sort make like a potato cheese casserole out of it.  As there is plenty left for the three of us to eat!

A few hours later.......  
It’s going to warm up again this afternoon, and at least we have air conditioning with electricity today. We’ve been puttering around. Ron and Heidi woke up after noon and ate breakfast. Ron started some laundry and we’ve been straitening the house up. Still  have another load to run with the dishwasher before we’re caught up. 

Hopefully it will cool off this evening so we can pick some strawberries. In the next week or so we need to pick blueberries too. Still have some in the freezer but would like to can more sauce.  It’s such a staple on pancakes, waffles and millet pudding.  I took millet pudding to potluck with blueberry sauce….. That was the rave!  And I was out of creative potluck of ideas- or so I thought.

Since the girls don’t have computers there I think I’ll copy this off and mail it to them with Emily’s watch that she forgot at home.   Tomorrow there’s ortho for Heidi.  The fill in Dr. did something different with her rotated tooth. Put a sprig to increase the gap between two other teeth then put a bent heavy wire  with  twist in it to spin it around. Pretty interesting set up.  I think he came up with the plan on the spot. Emily remarked that she thought this generation has lost much- that is: how to solve it’s own problems. May see if one of the ladies there want’s strawberries again.  Some time we’ll do them for ourselves. But we just have so much jam in the freezer and a lot of sliced ones too.  Hopefully we will get enough raspberries. Something has nearly eradicated a whole row and the hardiest ones to boot!  Not sure what.  Half of the other row looks very good.  Will have to transplant again this fall.  Tons of blackberries coming on though, and katadah berries too.   This year we have artichokes !!! May have needed a little more water though.  We wintered them under heavy straw and then put chicken wire over and anchored it down to keep the straw in. Am wondering if we should put more in, in a better/permanent location. We had lots of kale and more coming. Several different stages too.   Even though it’s now July there are still a few things I’m planning to plant- hopefully!! Figured out this last year to seed the onions in the fall, let them winter over and they will do well in the spring.

It’s been so long since I’ve blogged anything and I’ve been so busy that I keep thinking of things to write about.  Have a greenhouse idea now that might work with our high winds, and be sturdy enough. But have to check out the particulars yet, and the costs.  Idea: Using hog panels ( heavy goat/stock fencing) to arch over.  Tee beam down the middle and plastic over the top.  Definitely  idea formation phase…………Do I really need another project? Or my husband…  Just seems that some things can’t go in early enough here due to the cold and a green house would be a good option.  Also would like to have more greens active through the winter too!! Haven’t  gotten a handle on how to do that effieicntly- that is REALLY do it.

Such a long post!  Oh well the girls will get it as a letter too, that just doubles the advantage of writing.